Offer optimized device lists

We all need similar testing lists to cover a range of devices and only need very specific devices under specific and much rarer circumstances.

It would be great, if LambdaTest could offer and maintain lists that are optimized for specific goals.

One such goal would be marketshare by country:


  • a list that covers 70% of the devices in the US market
  • a list that covers 40% of global devices
  • a list that covers 60% of global device sizes
  • a list that covers 70% of mobile device sizes in Spain

If competitors don’t offer that and LambdaTest does, it would surely be a reason for me to pick LambdaTest.

This could then also be made a feature in terms of showing a matrix with the different devices (giving an “okay” after having checked the screenshot test) and showing testing coverage for specific markets. I will make this one in general another feature request.

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