A Detailed Discussion on AI-Empowered Software Testing by Daniel Knott | Spartans Summit 2024

Join Daniel Knott, Head of Software Testing at MaibornWolff GmbH, to understand the fundamentals of AI and its benefits for testers and explore the latest AI features enhancing software testers’ productivity.

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Here are some of the questions poured in from the attendees:

Could you please give us the roadmap to transition into AI-based software testing? Which tools, etc, should we learn, etc? Thanks!

With a small example, can you show how to use AI for self-healing (Updating Xpath, IDs) Tests in Automation?

There is a misnomer that AI can replace major aspects of testing (as well as development). As per your experience, when does a team start using AI testing while ensuring that code quality, privacy, and other aspects of testing are very much in place?

Being in a continuous learning QA industry, how can we utilize AI and use it in our daily activities to make our tests more optimized and efficient?

In the current market, many AI tools are available to the community; how is the testing for AI tools different from other tools/applications?

Do AI-powered testing tools increase the risks of NO manual QA jobs in the future?

How do AI testing tools ensure test scripts are useful and can last?

What are some wrong ideas people have about AI in testing, and how can we not get fooled by them?

Suggest popular AI Tools used in the software testing projects to help testers.

How can we use AI in testing APIs?

How do we train AI LLM alongside automation Testing…?? Lang chain can it be used for this? Any other suggestions

Would a self-healing AI indicate the changes made? If a developer has changed an ID to an incorrect format (e.g. submit-button, instead of: #btnSubmit), then I would need to know that a correction needs to be made instead of just updating the script

What are the roles and responsibilities of an AI tester? and what are the challenges that a manual tester will face to become an AI tester?

How can we use AI in E2E testing(UI+ APIs)?

Do we have any AI features in LambdaTest…?

Can you suggest any AI tool for testcase generation?

Where can I learn about LLM & Neuro networks?

Can we have access to the slides, please?

How do these AI features enhance tester productivity and efficiency?