Workshop - Unleashing the Potential of Web Performance Metrics for Testers with Srinivasan Sekar | Spartans Summit 2024

Join Srinivasan Seka, Lead Consultant at Thoughtworks, for an engaging workshop that delves into strategies for identifying performance bottlenecks, utilizing efficient testing methodologies, and collaborating effectively with development teams to implement performance improvements.

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Here are some of the questions poured in from the attendees:

Which are the best open-source tools for web performance?

Are there any regulatory or compliance considerations we should consider when evaluating web performance metrics, especially in industries like finance or healthcare?

What are some common mistakes you have encountered in interpreting web performance metrics?

How do images and lazy loading techniques influence the Largest Contentful Paint?

how do i create a snippet to track the metrics? In the presentation, those snippets are already created. Thanks

Is a high-config server setup needed for the web performance test?

What strategies do you use to identify and diagnose performance bottlenecks?

How to enhance testing skills?

With low code and no code tools being used to speed up application development, can we use the same aspects (LCP, etc) to check for the performance of a given page?

How to prepare before starting a learning Performance test

What will be the priority-based requirements for web performance?

Hello Everyone, my self Dipak recently, I got a job as a Software Test Engineer and want to switch an Automation role or SDET pls guide me and tell me the exact roadmap for the same

Best framework for mobile app testing

Please share about the most widely used automation testing software for visual testing.

How do we analyze the performance of a streaming web application?

Srinivasan: Consider using web performance snippets and options like Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, or CrUX. Real user monitoring tools are essential for understanding how users interact with your application.

Srinivasan: Use progressive images, modern extensions like WebP, and Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Contentful to load progressive images of the appropriate size.

Srinivasan: Check for compliance with regulations, such as GDPR, in Europe. Hosting static assets within the designated geography is important for compliance.

Srinivasan: Relying solely on tools like Lighthouse may lead to optimization that doesn’t align with actual user experiences. Understanding real user data is crucial, as lab testing may differ from the field.