Will the software testing go on for a long time? I want to make a career in testing. Is this the right decision or the wrong decision?

Can anybody tell me will the software testing go on for a long time? I want to make a career in testing. Is this the right decision or the wrong decision.

The whole software industry is moving towards automation.

In the last 5 years there is huge spike in software as a service products and internet based businesses. All businesses are moving towards digital means for generating revenues, managing operations, and reaching out to customers. To say that websites and webapps are important is an understatement.

Now most websites and webapps business follow agile development methodology. That means they have a very short development and release sprints. But the challenge is, even though the development is in small scale, the testing is not. With every release the whole product has to be tested, not just the new features.

For startups or small products that is not a big challenge. But once a product matures a little, has witnessed a development of 2–3 years, the number of features stack up. So does the number of test cases and so does over all testing time.

Everybody Need Automation

For big products such as these, it’s impossible to test the whole product manually in a reasonable time frame. You need to automate testing. I cannot stress it enough how important automation testing is for big products like amazon, twitter, facebook, salesforce etc.

Automation Testing is Now a Specialized Development Field

Testing is no longer a added department in companies. It an integrated specialized development team that is very much a part of every release process. Even during the time of development of a feature, the automation team is building automation scripts to test the new feature and integrating these scripts to the overall product test script builds.

Automation is the way to go

So if you plan to make your career out of testing, then I recommend building up expertise around Automation testing. Learning a framework like TestNG, Protractor, etc would also help immensely in this.


There is no “manual testing”; there is testing. There are no “manual testers”; there are testers. Checking—an element of testing, a tactic of testing—can be automated, just as spell checking can be automated. A good editor uses the spelling checker, while carefully monitoring and systematically distrusting it. We do not call spell checking “automated editing”, nor do we speak of “manual editors” and “automated editors”. Editors, just “editors”, use tools.

All doctors use tools. Some specialists use or design very sophisticated tools. No one refers to those who don’t as “manual doctors”. No one speaks of “manual researchers”, “manual newspaper reporters”, “manual designers”, “manual programmers”, “manual managers”. They all do brain- and human-centred work, and they all use tools.

Our most important goal as testers, typically, is to learn about problems that threaten value in our products, so that our clients can deal with those problems effectively. Neither our testing clients nor people who use software divide the problems they experience into “manual bugs” and “automated bugs”. - Michael Bolton[1]

Automated testing is just an element of testing. It just like any tool in the tool shed that does a set of jobs very efficiently.