Why should I choose the Primer CSS framework for my next project?

Can anyone please tell me why should I choose the Primer CSS framework for my next project.

Primer is a CSS framework developed by Github that is now open source and available for public projects. It utilizes color, typography, and spacing clearly and systematically. It is descriptive and straightforward, in addition to having outstanding features and functionalities. As a result, it is known as one of the best CSS frameworks by developers and non-developers.

Why should you choose the Primer CSS Framework?

  • It is a utility-centric framework built with BEM components.

  • It includes Github icons in Ruby and Javascript implementations.

  • Primer’s systemic approach ensures that the styles are compatible and interoperable with one another.

  • It has editable typography, with font size and line-height choices that work together to produce more consistent and logical numbers.

  • There are meaningful colors available, as well as a highly customizable spacing scale.

  • NPM distributes various bundles containing components or groups of styles.

  • There are abstracted modules, which aid in component reusability and versatility.