Why is the Android emulator so slow?

Lately i have been trying to use android emulator but i noticed it was too slow, i want to know why.

I reckon you must have seen ‘Inception’, if not then I suggest you see it once. It is really a great movie.

Why I made a reference to it is because emulators are basically operating systems that are installed on virtual machines that run on real machines installed with operating systems. While all of this sounds quite easy, it is a complex task that takes a toll on the performance.

I haven’t even started to explain the algorithms that are inculcated within the frameworks of allotting the virtual machines. That is why the emulators are slow, there can be other reasons like having a bad connection or infrastructural flaws within the product that you may be using.

Mostly the slow response occurs if you are using free tools, as they aren’t able to deal with the customers at a large scale.

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