Why is real device cloud testing a better option for Native App testing?

Why is real device cloud testing a better option for Native App testing?

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The native app development process has undergone a revolution in the last decade. The tools are now more powerful and user-friendly than ever before. The accessibility of these tools for a greater number of users and developers alike has led to the increased adoption of native apps.

Testers, however, have been left behind. Over the years, testers have had to deal with the complexities of managing multiple devices locally and manually executing tests on different platforms. This is where real device cloud testing comes in.

Testers now enjoy the benefits of real device cloud testing that allows them to access real devices to test their apps on a wide range of Android and iOS devices directly from the desktop browser. Real device cloud testing allows you to test your native apps for functionality, compatibility, and reliability.

Testing on real devices saves time and money because it gives you access to multiple devices at once, eliminating the need to physically switch between different devices during testing processes. Instead of having to change between different platforms manually, testers can now use real device cloud testing by logging into a single platform and accessing multiple devices from one place. It also allows you to run your test remotely instead of having to physically connect each device every time for testing