Why do we require Wait commands in Selenium?

Why do we require wait commands in Selenium?

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Most modern-day front-end development is done using React, Angular or similar frameworks (such as Vue and Ember). These frameworks allow developers to pull data from the database and create dynamic, calculated/interactive components.

Although selective loading of web elements on a page can reduce page load time, issues can arise in web automation testing when operations are performed on web elements that have not yet been loaded, are not visible on the screen, or are disabled. These interactions will result in an exception being thrown by Selenium.

This is where wait commands in Selenium PHP can come handy since it helps resolve issues with synchronization in Selenium web automation.

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So what are the different wait commands that can be used here?

Selenium WebDriver supports many kinds of waits, including the implicit and explicit waits. These two types of waits are based on the different ways in which the WebDriver API performs actions.

While implicit waits allow you to define how long the web automation should wait for a particular condition to be met, explicit waits allow you to explicitly define the number of seconds your scripts should wait in-between them.

To know more about Implicit and Explicit waits and demonstration of the same please go through the following blog: