Why do we need cloud computing?

Can anyone explain me why do we need cloud computing.

There are several reasons why we need cloud computing today. Here are a few of them:

  • Large scale and small scale industries are using cloud service today because it has a huge effect on cost-savings. Cloud computing has made significant changes in the reduction of hardware & system costs and other server resources.

  • We can remotely run all of our data and process it online without using physical hardware and software.

  • Issues pertaining to server maintenance, software/hardware installation, and license renewal, all of these aspects are addressed through cloud service providers.

  • With the aid of the cloud, we can access any files, applications on the web anytime wherever we want to.

  • Cloud not only manages data storage remotely, but it also preserves and restores all crashed or missing data, therefore we will not have to worry about crash or data loss, it ensures greater security.

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