Why can't I inspect a page on Mac?

Why can’t I inspect a page on Mac?

Hello Emma,

If you’re wondering why you can’t inspect a web page on your Mac, don’t worry; it’s a common concern. To enable the “Inspect Element” feature in the Safari browser, follow these user-friendly steps:

  1. Open Safari: Launch the Safari browser on your Mac.

  2. Top Menu Bar: Look at the top menu bar of your Mac’s screen. You’ll see “Safari” listed up there.

  3. Access Preferences: Click on “Safari” in the menu bar, and a drop-down menu will appear. Now, choose “Preferences.”

  4. Advanced Tab: In the Preferences window, you’ll notice various tabs. Click on the “Advanced” tab.

  5. Show Develop Menu: Within the Advanced tab, you’ll see an option that says “Show Develop menu in the menu bar.” It’s essential to check this box.

By following these steps, you’re essentially turning on the developer mode in Safari, which, in turn, will allow you to inspect and explore the web page as you want.

To know more on how you can perform inspection on Mac using popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox, follow the blog shared below.

Happy inspecting! :blush: