Which is best software testing tool?

Can anyone suggest me some of the best software testing tool.

Testing is required for an effective performance of software application or product. It’s important to ensure that the application should not result into any failures because it can be very expensive in the future or in the later stages of the development.

There are various online platforms available to perform software testing. One such platform is LambdaTest.

LambdaTest is a cloud based online platform where you can test your website/ web apps on 1400+ different browser, browser versions and OSes.

Depends completely on the type of testing you want to perform. Whether you are looking to find bugs on the front end or back end? Or are you looking for a tool that will help you perform chaos testing? There are a lot of strategies involved in finding bugs on any website. There are tools offering their services to help users implement these testing strategies well.

  • Performance Testing tool - To check if the application is able to cope up with excessive traffic incoming. Example - Apache JMeter
  • Cross Browser Testing tool - Helps you in finding bugs of a website across a variety of thousands of browsers running on real OS and different devices. Example - LambdaTest - You can also find bugs in RWD (Responsive Web Design) with their automated screenshots.
  • VAPT tools- Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing tools - To help you identify the soft spots in your website’s security. Example - Wireshark, NMAP etc.
  • Bug Tracking Tools - Jira, Asana, Microsoft VSTS helps you to maintain a neat and clean library of all the bugs you found so you could collaborate and organize better with your teammates.

As Per I Know, Selenium is the best tool. [https://www.gologica.com/course/selenium/] is an automated software testing tool which is used for testing web applications.