Which are the best freelancing websites for Software Testing work?

I want to work freelance on testing, please someone suggest me some website where i can get testing-work.

What you can do you can visit to the freelancing websites and register yourself with them. Complete the profile 100% and expand your profile as you may come into other’s sight. You will be assigned some tests, (that may be in a paid project or in an unpaid) just complete that and complete the test with 100% accuracy and try looking for the difficult bugs.

Here I have a list of some websites where you can go,sign-up and start working as a freelancer:

  1. http://www.upwork.com/
  2. http://www.freelancer.com
  3. https://crowdsourcedtesting.com/
  4. http://worknhire.com/
  5. http://qaonair.com/

Problems may be faced working as a freelancer. You can even perform you cross-browser testing with LambdaTest as it provides you a loop of browsers and OS combination to perform test. And it’s even in affordable price for freelancer’s.