Which are the best collaboration tools for a bootstrapped startup?

Please can anyone please tell me what are the best collaboration tools for a bootstrapped startup.

I am working in startup and I have seen various collaboration tools in our journey.

I found GitHub very interesting tool for our user, GitHub can be easily integrate with LambdaTest platform.

LambdaTest is a basically a cross browser testing platform where you can test your website/ web application across 1400+ combinations of browsers, browser versions, and operating systems.

So many times the problem that tester might face while performing cross browser testing is to log bugs.

They have to go through a hectic process of taking screenshot, attaching it, entering description, work environment, and what not. This is cumbersome. And everyone hates that long process. LambdaTest’s integration made it easier.

If you find any issue while testing your web app on LambdaTest platform, you can mark it as an issue in your GitHub account directly from LambdaTest platform.

You just need to select Repository, Label and assign the issue along with your comments.

LambdaTest will create an new issue in your Github repository, AUTOMATICALLY! The new issue will include link to screenshots taken from LambdaTest along with details like testing environment such as Operating system, browser and its version, screen resolution as well as issue description.

You can integrate GitHub with LambdaTest in one click only.