What would be the future of automation QA?

What do you all think is the future of automation QA? Any opinions?

Though there are a lot of companies that want to move to test automation, the fact is that a majority of organizations still don’t have test automation in place. Due to insufficient testing, companies find themselves spending a lot of time prioritizing and fixing new issues as and when they are reported by customers.

In the future, it is not only the organizations that need to adapt a test automation solution fit for the requirements but the test automation tools too need to be developed keeping the ROI in mind. QAppAssure, a mobile app testing platform enables continuous mobile app testing to deliver a seamless connected experience. Automate your testing process using our industry-unique integrated platform to ensure every application release is bug-free. They aim at a Zero-Defect Connected Experience for better application performance.

Features of QAppAssure

  • On-field and on-cloud devices availed testing – It is a mobile application testing platform that helps the app owner understand both the sides of the coins that are the bug faced by the current users and also before release too.
  • Integrated test management – It also makes it easy to use all Jira and CI/CD tools in one place and also reports all bugs from all the destinations.
  • Support of Multiple Frameworks – Frameworks like Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UI Automator, XCUITest, are supported where it makes it easier for the developer too.