What makes Protractor a good fit for your automation test scripts?

I want to gather some information regarding what makes Protractor a good fit for your automation test scripts, can anybofdy please provide me some knowledge regarding it.

Protractor is a JavaScript framework, end-to-end test automation framework for Angular and AngularJS application. It test against your application in real browser, like a real user would.

Protractor is built on top of WebDriver JS (Selenium) and apart from default locator, it comes up with Angular-specific locator strategies. It’s not intended to test only AngularJS application but also helps to write automation test for Non-Angular JS application.

What Makes Protractor A Good Fit For Your Automation Test Scripts?

Protractor is an open-source, End to End test automation framework, that is brought up by Google which makes it a reliable, renowned and up-to-date framework. Protractor is a Node.js program that supports testing framework like Jasmine, Mocha and Cucumber.

Key Features of Protractor:

  • Protractor is developed as a wrapper build around Selenium WebDriver JS and Selenium Server. All key feature of Selenium WebDriver JS and additional implementation helps to do better automation supports and less maintenance when compare with Selenium.

  • Protractor offers new locator strategies on top of native locator which actually helps to locate element in DOM easily.by, by.binding, by.repeater etc.,

  • Protractor supports page object design pattern – helps on writing clean and readable code. Writing clean code is imperative for Automation testers. Here are 8 actionable insights for writing better automation code.

  • Protractor make use of Selenium Grid to initialize, control and run browser instance.

  • Can easily integrate with jasmine, mocha and cucumber framework to write your test.

Advantage of Protractor when combined with Selenium:

  • Excellent speed compare with other tools or libraries.

  • Support cross browser parallel testing through multiple browsers.

  • No need to work on synchronization strategy for eg., waits like implicit, explicits and sleep etc., Protractor has in build capabilities and intelligence to connect with Angular JS framework and knows when Angular has finished rendering the DOM for eg., page loading wait, synchronization,

  • Angular-specific locator support.

Orginal Source: Automated Cross Browser Testing With Protractor & Selenium