What is the role of QA in DevOps?

Can anyone please tell me what is the role of QA in DevOps.

Generally, QA acquires the build as soon as it is deployed in a specified environment and adopts a test execution procedure. When the build has been validated by QA, it goes live. This process typically takes some time in a QA environment but is not so with DevOps.

In the DevOps case, the QA testing and development process is consolidated, and a collaborative approach is taken. In DevOps, QA quickly pushes new development code into the live environment with the coordination of the DevOps team, which then provides the tools and facilities needed to make the processes easier, ensuring that all changes work as expected.

Both teams share responsibility for ensuring quality across the development lifecycle. Therefore, everybody associated with DevOps is accountable for the quality of products and quick and efficient delivery of the product.


Though QA and DevOps are two completely different practices, the right balance between QA and DevOps could help achieve the products that are made to rule the market. DevOps is a process that combines the development practices and testing operations to create high-quality products. On the other hand, QA or Quality Assurance is a process meant to achieve the quality standards and performance benchmarks with a software product.

Most modern-day software, application, and website development brands have a dedicated team of DevOps and QAOps working on creating products that are easy to use and can sustain the market to meet the business objectives.

In short, QA is a vital component of the modern DevOps environment that allows creating products that not only satisfy development requirements but can offer rich features and usability. Being VP Delivery and Operations of Software Testing Company, here is the blog that might help Role Of QA in the Age of DevOps

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