What is the role of Jasmine and Karma in Angular testing?

What is the role of Jasmine and Karma in Angular testing?

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Hi Tom,

Jasmine is a popular JavaScript testing framework, which is compatible with and integrates well with AngularJS. Karma is a test runner, which helps to automate the running and monitoring of Jasmine tests.

Karma controls the creation of HTML files, the opening of web browsers, the execution of tests, and the return of test results to the command line. When you use the Angular CLI to manage projects, it automatically generates stub Jasmine spec files. This allows you to write your Jasmine tests without having to manually manage any HTML boilerplate code or worry about how your tests are going to be run.

You can go through the following blog to deep dive into Angular Testing With Jasmine And Karma Using Selenium:


Can you highlight some best practices to improve Unit testing?

Hey Michael,

Here are some best practices one should keep in mind while performing Unit testing:

  1. Consistent naming convention
  2. Test one code at a time
  3. There shouldn’t be a corresponding unit test case to every module
  4. Ensure a clean and reliable code for committing
  5. Continuously refactor test code
  6. Focus more on the tests that affect the behavior of the system

Jasmine is used for testing javascript since it is a behavior-driven framework that aligns well with karma. Karma is also a testing framework that is a part of Angular CLI. Moreover, Jasmine does not require DOM and is dependency-free making it a convenient option to perform angular testing with Karma.

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