What is the role of automation testing in agile development?

Can someone explain the role of automation testing in agile development?

Automation testing is used for automating regression test cases to aid and accelerate manually tested work, helping to minimize total costs and increase overall product quality.

Agile also seeks to accomplish a certain number of tasks in a limited period, which can only be achieved by identifying and reducing repetitive efforts expended during multiple iterations. Software testing is the most time-consuming task in the agile development process. As a result, automation testing plays a vital role in Agile Methodology.

Due to the proliferation of agile processes, the spectrum of automation testing is no longer limited to regression. These days, software testing providers strive for high-quality test automation from the very beginning of the planning phase to attain the following:

  • Automate repetitive cases to lower manual efforts as well as reduce cost per sprint.

  • Incorporate reusable test methods or page objects at the beginning to develop new test scripts.

  • Perform effortless testing by choosing the best test automation frameworks.

Automation testing is essential in the agile model. With optimal resource allocation (Manual vs. Automation), you can achieve sprint projects within the specified timelines, leading to regular and efficient product releases.

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Agile development is meant to develop solutions more quickly with less error and rapid iterations in case anything doesn’t work for DevOps. In short, it is a rapid development strategy that helps you progress in the right direction and quickly.

Besides, automation testing is a practice that helps QA and development teams to automate testing on functionality, performance, usability, and other aspects related to QA solutions that might bother the product response and end-user experience. Moreover, Automation testing allows testing teams to avoid the consuming and repetitive testing procedures that might add to the cost and resources of testing an application or software.

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