What is the right testing strategy for mobile apps?

Can anyone please tell me about the right testing strategy for mobile apps.

It would be difficult to imagine life without mobile apps! However, with all businesses attempting to expand their presence through mobile, it is critical to become aware of issues in your developed mobile application and get those flaws fixed.

What exactly should be tested in a mobile application?

When an app is launched to the market, numerous criteria related to the test’s performance are considered.

  • What is the application’s start-up time.
  • How much memory is the app consuming.
  • What percentage of the battery is being consumed by the app.
  • Does it work with all OSes on the market?
  • Is the app compatible with all screen resolutions on the market, etc.?

With so much on our belts, save time is critical. So how should this be done?

  • Testing mobile applications with automation.
  • Use virtual machines or emulators.
  • Make a list of mobile devices in advance.
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