"What is the fastest way to test a website across all browsers and browser version? "

Can anyone please tell me off the fastest way to test a website across all browsers and browser version.

Cross browser testing is the practice of making sure that the web sites and web apps you create work across an acceptable number of web browsers. As a web developer, it is your responsibility to make sure that not only do your projects work, but they work for all your users, no matter what browser, device, or additional assistive tools they are using. You need to think about:

  • Different browsers other than the one or two that you use regularly on your devices, including slightly older browsers that some people might still be using, which don’t support all the latest, shiniest CSS and JavaScript features.

  • Different devices with different capabilities, from the latest greatest tablets and smartphones, through smart TVs, right down to cheap tablets and even older feature phones that may run browsers with limited capabilities.

  • People with disabilities, who use the Web with the aid of assistive technologies like screenreaders, or don’t use a mouse (some people use only the keyboard).

There are many online platforms are available to perform cross browser testing across different OS and browser combinations.One such platform which I explored is LambdaTest.

With LambdaTest, you can seamlessly test your public or locally hosted web apps across 1400+ different browsers, OS, resolutions and devices.