What is the difference between test case and test scenarios?

Can anybody please explain me the difference between test case and test scenarios?

It all starts with a Test Scenario.

The test scenario is when you evaluate scenarios for an application to test every intended functionality. For example, for a cross browser testing tool, that provides a huge library of browsers consisting of thousands or more browsers should have a test scenario where it can check that a particular browser say Chrome, when hosted through their VM should provide every intended functionality like bug logging, browsing, screenshot capture and so on.

Once a test scenario is decided, comes turn for test scripts.

So we know now that we need to test different versions of Chrome. Now we need to write the test scripts. Test scripts depict how a functionality should be tested!

? A tester will think of as many possible ways to find bugs in a test scenario. These ways are noted down and termed as test scripts. For example, if we want to check a screenshot functionality, we will write scripts that will make sure that a screenshot is annotated with text, a screenshot is highlighted with image editor if an in-app image editor is provided. We will check if the screenshot is getting saved and soon.

? After test scripts will come test cases. A test script is made up of several test cases. For example - a screenshot is getting saved is a test case and that screenshot is getting annotated is another test case. These were positive test cases, negative test cases would involve a screenshot not being saved when annotated with text & soon.

Hope this would help you bring more clarity between a test scenario and a test case.

@tim-khorev Test Scenario will have the Test case in itself, its like a tree having branches. For eg. There is a google form having email, password and phone number fields, now if we say that we should be able to enter email in email field that is a case but if we say are we able to enter any other thing in email field that is a scenario. So scenario is a parent and case is a child.