What is the difference between selenium 3.0 and selenium 2.0?

Can anyone please explain me the differences between selenium 3 and selenium 2?

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The differences between Selenium 3.0 and Selenium 2.0 are:

Differences between Selenium 3 and Selenium 2

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When compared in detail, selenium 2 and selenium 3 have some major differences to follow which include:

Selenium 3 offers better browser implementations over selenium 2.

Improved APIs on selenium 3 than selenium 2.

Appium is introduced as separate project in Selenium 3 allowing better mobile automation.

Selenium 3 comes with web drivers for browsers which was missing in selenium 2.

But I personally believe that it is always a wise idea to opt for the most recent and updated technology. Though selenium 2 and selenium 3 had their own benefits, selenium 4 is definitely something that feels more value-adding.