What is The Difference Between Quality Assurance and Software Testing?

I just wanted to know the difference between QA and software testing. Both look the same to me.

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QA and Testing both of the processes make the software better. QA enhances the product quality via improving the development process while testing enhances the quality via finding bugs.


Quality Assurance and Software testing are two terms are closely related to each other as one of these makes the subset of the other. Putting it to simple words, software testing is an aspect of the Quality Assurance process that is meant to check on the usability, functionality, performance, accessibility, and security aspect of the application or software under test.

On the other hand, Quality Assurance considers all the technical and emotional requirements of the product while working on all the legal and compliance goals. Quality Assurance is a process that helps testers and developers to ensure that the end products reach the real users only after satisfying the purpose of the users and objective of the brand.