What is the difference between Podman and Docker?

What is the difference between Podman and Docker?

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While the two are similar in their aims, there are many differences in their execution.

Podman and Docker are both used for building containers for multiple environments, and each have pros and cons. For example, Docker’s original use case was to automate a process called “Docker build” — an automated process that takes source code from a repository of your choice and creates one or more containers that run it. Podman is not limited to just this use case, however. Podman can run any command on a container or container image, which means both development and operations teams can benefit from using Podman instead of Docker.

In addition to running commands on images, another difference between Podman and Docker is that Podman does not require users to have root access on their machines to run containers. This makes user management easier because it allows you to give specific users different levels of access to containers depending on the work they need.

Podman also has other benefits over Docker. For example, Podman uses Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compliant images by default, so you can easily ensure that all your containers are portable across different hosts. In comparison, as of now, Docker does not support OCI-compliant.

You can refer to the following blog to further deep dive into Podman vs Docker comparison:

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