What is the difference between accessibility and usability?

I want information regarding the difference between accessibility and usability testing.

Accessibility :

Accessibility, in terms of web technology has varied and vast meaning. It is not just about making your website or web application friendly for the people with disabilities but it is a lot more than that.

It simply means how accessible your website or web application is to different users. It can be anything ranging from:

  • People using screen readers to access your text.
  • Utilization of captions for video to understand the context by people having hearing disabilities.
  • People having some motor impairments who use non mouse methods like keyboards and shortcuts to use web.


  • People on older versions of browsers
  • People using different mediums like mobile phones and tablets

Everything counts under accessibility.

With varied people and people choices, it becomes necessary to make your website accessible to everyone. So, making sure that your website is accessible to every user is ‘Accessibility Testing

Unboxing the Concept of Cross Browser Accessibility


Usability testing, as the name goes, is the testing of a website or an application for its usability. By usability one might confuse it for an ‘ease of use’ of any website or product , but it’s not limited to just that.

As per ISO, one might think of usability as:

The extent to which you can use a product to achieve goals effectively, efficiently, and with proper satisfaction in a certain context of use of a product.

These lines define the core underlying spirit behind usability testing. No matter the product or product use case, even if the parameters defining the usability of a product will change, the key characteristic and the underlying principle behind usability testing remains the same.

If explained in brief, usability testing:

  • is highly concerned with user satisfaction, irrespective of the product requirements, engineering used, and other factors considered while building the specific product. It is like performing a black box testing of a product just to gather the ease of use, effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction related to the product’s usage.
  • is related to how usable the product or website is. If some website has to be usable, it has to be engaging and pleasing, and at the same time perform the intended task in as intuitive and efficient way possible.

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