What is the Ant Design CSS framework? Why should we use it?

Can anyone please tell me what is the Ant Design CSS framework and why should we use it.

Ant Design is widely recognized as one of the best CSS frameworks. It can be used in the JavaScript and ReactJS libraries. Because the Ant Design system has 24 columns, you can now customize the areas that are available. It satisfies many software requirements with its various filled and outline icons.

Why Should You Use It ?

Following are the advantages of using Ant Design CSS Framework:

  • It is a collection of high-quality React modules, as well as an enterprise-class UI design language.

  • It comes with delicate UI components that are built on React Components out of the box.

  • It has a wide range and depth of components. For example, the Ant design library already includes low-level components that are needed in almost every frontend design.

  • It has consistent updates and antd.package upgrades seldom cause functionality to break.

  • It comes with extensive documentation and typescript support.