What is the Ant Design CSS framework? Why should we use it?

Can anyone please tell me what is the Ant Design CSS framework and why should we use it.

In this answer, I am providing some detailed information. It could be lengthy but useful.

Ant Design is a components library for the Javascript library ReactJS. The credit for creating this frontend framework goes to an Alibaba group owned Chinese company “Ant Design.” The grid divides the screen area into 24 columns which increases the customizability of the area visible to you. The wide array of filled and outlined icons are meant to fulfill different app requirements.

Usage Statistics of the Ant Design CSS Framework

  • Ranked 9th in the category of, best CSS frameworks in 2020, for being most popular by the State Of CSS survey.
  • 4.39% of the CSS developers have used it and would like to use it again.
  • Github- 59.1k stars, 21.7k forks, and 1,085 contributors.

Why Choose The Ant Design CSS Framework?

1. Support For The Form Component Developers can use TextArea, Input, Radio, Checkbox, or Date/TimePicker for your FormItems.

2. Great Feedback Components And Notification provides instant notifications to user actions.

3. Polished Look The main reason behind developers opting for Ant design is the enterprisey and polished look and feel it provides.

4. Accessibility Keyboard handling, meeting ARIA compliance, and tabbing requires a lot of effort. Ant Design easily handles these tasks for you.

5. Saves Time Since Ant Design makes prototyping much faster, it saves a lot of time.

Where Can The Ant Design CSS Framework Do Better?

Lack of proper documentation Some Ant Design documentation is not available in languages other than Chinese. However, the community has done a good job with the translation.

Who Is Using The Ant Design CSS Framework?

  1. Ant Financial
  2. Alibaba
  3. Tencent
  4. Baidu
  5. Koubei
  6. Meituan I hope this answer will help you.