What is test discovery in yaml?

What is test discovery in yaml?

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Test discovery in YAML typically refers to the process of automatically identifying and collecting test cases or test scenarios defined in YAML files. YAML (YAML Ain’t Markup Language) is often used to specify configuration and data for tests in a human-readable format.

In the context of test discovery in YAML:

  1. Test Cases: YAML files may contain sections or structures that define individual test cases, including input data, expected results, and test-specific configurations.

  2. Test Suites: YAML files may also group multiple test cases into test suites, making it easier to organize and execute related tests.

  3. Metadata: YAML files can include metadata such as test case names, descriptions, tags, and dependencies, which help in categorizing and managing tests.

Test discovery tools or frameworks that support YAML typically scan designated directories or files, parse the YAML content, and identify test cases and test suites based on predefined patterns or structures within the YAML files. Once the tests are discovered, they can be executed automatically as part of a testing process or test suite.

This approach is commonly used in various testing domains, including software testing, where test cases and test data are defined and managed in YAML files, allowing for more flexible and maintainable testing configurations.