What is meant by test management tool?

Can anyone please explain me the term test management tool.

Testing is a crucial part of every release cycle but it can be tough to manage if not well organized. This is where test management tools come to rescue! They help with planning testing activities, organizing test cases, test scripts, reporting the status of quality assurance activities. Also, help in keeping a track of ownership assigned to software testers. So everyone knows who is testing what? The tools have different approaches to testing and thus have different sets of features.

The age we live in demands for RAD(Rapid Application Development) models where testing provides a sense of relief by delivering a sound quality check. Turning a blind eye towards the tiniest aspect while testing may have a high impact on your project delivery, or in worst cases, it could even lead to postponement of your release date. Fortunately, we have test management tools available in the market to help orchestrate our release cycle.

Key features for test management tools.

  • Creating Test Reports and Traceability Metrics

  • Easy bug detection

  • Testing tool integration

  • Providing Real-Time Reports

  • Creating a Scalable Environment

  • Managing the Users Accessing the Test Reports

  • Security of Testing Data

Here are some of the top test management tools:

  • qTest

  • PractiTest

  • Zephyr

  • Test Collab

  • TestFLO for JIRA

  • XQual

  • TestCaseLab

  • QAComplete

  • QACoverage

  • Plutora Test