What is Jenkins Multibranch pipeline?

What is Jenkins Multibranch pipeline ?

Hi Rebecca,

Multibranch Pipeline is a pattern in which you have multiple short-lived branches of the same project, each implementing different things. The branches aren’t just copies of the mainline but instead contain different work.

It’s very useful in creating working software quickly. The downside is that it can be confusing to manage and to use since there are so many branches with divergent histories. If you get into the pattern you’ll probably want some way to reduce the confusion.

Pipelines are a great way to represent complex projects, like the work that goes into building an application. The basic idea is that at each stage of the pipeline, you can perform some action if the previous action was successful. If it wasn’t, you can decide whether or not to continue building on top of what has already been built.

The actions you take at each stage are independent; one branch of the pipeline does not affect another. There’s nothing wrong with running a branch more than once if you want to do more work on the same piece of the project.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the detailed answer @shahzebh

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