What is Interoperability Testing in software testing?

I want to know what is Interoperability Testing in software testing, can anyone please explain me the meaning.

Before understanding the technique of “Interoperability Testing”, Lets first understand the term “Interoperability”.

Interoperability is an ability of one system to interact with another system. This interaction is between 2 different systems or 2 different applications all together.

Many a time Interoperability is confused with Integration compatibility and portability. Well, there are differences between these techniques.

Interoperability – Is a technique how an application interacts with another application. So when we do the Interoperability testing, we check how the data from 1 application is transferred into another application without prior intimation, in a meaningful manner, and further processed to give the accepted output.

Interoperability means 2 (or more) systems, capable of performing their allocated task independently and able to communicate with each other as expected without affecting their individual assigned functionality.