What is CSS Scroll Snap? What are its properties?

Can anyone please explain me what is CSS Scroll Snap and also i want to know what are its properties.

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CSS Scroll Snap is a property which allows the developer to create controlled scrolling experiences by describing snapping positions. Developers can lock the viewports or mark the layout boundaries for the user to finish scrolling.

For a long period of time, Javascript was being used to control the scrolling. However CSS Scroll Snap is being widely used for a better controlled experience.

Properties of CSS Scroll Snap are :point_down:

Scroll Snap Type Property: This is to define the behaviour of scrolling container described by the developer.

Scroll Snap Align Property: This is to align the page elements when the CSS Scroll Snap is triggered.

You can read this blog :point_down: to learn in detail about the CSS Scroll Snap

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