What is continuous testing in Selenium?

What is Selenium continuous testing?

Continuous testing in DevOps is a type of testing process that entails testing the software at each stage of the SDLC. The purpose of continuous testing is to evaluate software quality at each stage of the Continuous Delivery Process by testing early and frequently.

Cloud testing platforms such as LambdaTest provide an online Selenium grid to automate and deploy web app processes by executing Selenium test scripts over a CI/CD pipeline on the LambdaTest cloud.

Continuous test automation is a practice that encourages and aligns with the overall process of Continuous Delivery. Since Selenium is one of the most preferred test automation tools, it can easily be integrated into the process to meet the CI/CD goals.

Selenium allows quick automation of the tests, and therefore execution is done as soon as a piece of code is ready at their respective stages of the release pipeline. Such efficiency complements the need for continuous testing and therefore simplifies the task of checking accuracy for code and configurations.

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