What are your top 5 JavaScript libraries you can't live without and why?

Please anyone tell me about the top 5 JavaScript libraries you can’t live without and why.

Everyone, no matter whether they are a fresher or experienced, have at some point became familiar with Javascript libraries, around their time in work.

These frameworks became popular because they:

  • Reduce the time complexity by reducing lengthy scripts into libraries where they can be reused by just calling a function or adding a class.
  • Enabled developers to add an enhanced functionality that guaranteed a better user experience.
  • Minified CSS and JS files in the libraries ensured less size of the codes, thereby, enhancing the performance of the web application.

So the top 5 javascript libraries according to me are as follows:

1. Multiple.JS

Another solution for creating unique background visuals. You can use this JavaScript CSS library to share background images across your website, thereby creating a unique visual effect.

2. Math.JS

This math library comes with extensive functionalities like expression parser and also allows the developer to work on units, fractions, matrices, and other critical mathematical functions.

3. Anime.JS

Animations always have been a key factor in enhancing the user experience of a website. With the use of Flash slowly declining, its time to move on to JavaScript CSS libraries. Anime.JS is very flexible and allows you to add motion or transform the elements in your application.

4. Bideo.JS

Nowadays, many people are preferring full-screen videos instead of static images as background. You can find one in the login page of BodySpace, a popular fitness app. Bideo.js is the answer to your solution. It enables you to add responsive full-screen videos as your page background with very little coding.

5. Chart.JS

This is a quite useful JavaScript CSS library that allows the user to add unique and well-designed charts on their website. It offers a lot of templates with the ability to utilize the white space and mix them in a well-balanced manner.