What are Variable fonts? How do variable fonts work?

Can anyone give me some information on what are variable fonts and how do variable fonts work.

A variable font contains a complete typeface, often known as a font family, in a single font file rather than having different font files for each font style variant.

Thousands of various font-weight, width, and style combinations can be created with CSS @font-face and style rules. Furthermore, unlike static fonts, variable fonts allow CSS transition and animation features, which aid in the creation of seamless and fluid shifting animations between different font styles.

Variable Fonts also allow you to build your own font style. This is quite handy for producing one-of-a-kind branding and logo designs that will set your designs apart from the competition.

Working of Variable Fonts

The concept of “Axes of Variation” is central to variable fonts. These axes control all aspects of font style, such as how bold or light the font characters are, how wide or narrow the characters are, and whether or not the characters are italic. The OpenType Font standards specify two types of axes of variation —

  • Standard Axes
  • Custom Axes

Refer to the blog for more details: Variable Fonts vs Static Fonts & Cross browser Compatibility

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