What are the ways to test website on internet explorer on a Mac device?

Can anyone guide me on ome of the ways to test website on internet explorer on a Mac device.

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You can use following online cross browser testing tools to test your website on different Internet Explorer browser versions even if you are using Mac device.

  1. LambdaTest
  2. Functionize
  3. Saucelabs
  4. Testingwhiz
  5. Crossbrowsertesting
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To test your website on internet explorer using a Mac device was once considered a complex task. However with evolution of technology, there are a lot of advancements which has made it possible to test your website on IE using a Mac machine. Well here are the few methods in which you can perform testing using Mac with ease :rocket:

  1. Running a test on Cloud Cross Browser Testing Tools

  2. Using Local Virtual Machines

  3. Remote IE and Modern IE

  4. Download Virtual Machine Setup Directly From Microsoft

  5. Microsoft Remote Desktop Application

  6. Using WineBottler

  7. With Boot Camp Assistant

  8. Using The In-Built Develop Menu Of Your Safari Browser

  9. With the help of IE Tab Chrome Extension

To read more on each of these methods refer the blog here :point_down: https://www.lambdatest.com/blog/9-methods-for-website-testing-with-internet-explorer-on-macos/

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