What are the useful sites to have knowledge about software testing?

Can anyone please suggest me some of the most useful sites to have knowledge about software testing.

Well learning never ends and you are learning in every phase of your life every day and every moment. With the advancement in technology, every testers are facing new challenges every day and for that they need to learn new things every day. Here I have a list of top 10 websites to which you can find helpful….

  1. Software Testing Complete Guide
  2. Google Testers’ Blog
  3. James Bach - Satisfice, Inc.
  4. Cem Kamer
  5. Software QA Test
  6. uTest University
  7. Shmuel’s Software Stuff
  8. The Test Eye
  9. QA Intelligence
  10. All Things Quality

But examples are better than precept. You can even use LambdaTest for testing your webapps or websites. With LambdaTest your testing becomes easy. It’s even easy to understand.