What are the types of APIs?

Please tell me about the types of api.

These are the different types of API’s

  • REST

REST (short for ‘Representational State Transfer’) is a web services API. REST APIs are a key part of modern web applications, including Netflix, Facebook, and many others.

  • RPC

An RPC (Remote Procedure Call) APIs are the oldest and simplest types of API. The goal of an RPC is for the client to execute code on a server. The main benefit of RPC APIs is they make it easier for developers to create applications involving multiple programs or services.

  • SOAP

A SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API is similar to REST in that it’s a type of Web API. SOAP entered the web development scene in the late 1990s, around the time service-oriented architecture (SOA) took-off. SOAP was the first to standardize the way applications should use network connections to manage services.

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