What are the top Chrome extensions for web developers and designers in 2020?

Can anyone please tell me what are the top Chrome extensions for web developers and designers in 2020.

Google is the most widely used and popular browser globally! With a phenomenal 66% share in the browser market, chrome is the torchbearer of browsers. These numbers are still strong even after the growth being stagnant over the last few years. :hourglass_flowing_sand:

However, with competition from other popular browsers like Firefox, Safari, Edge and latest browser Brave it’s imperative for Chrome to be consistent with innovation. And that’s why with every release google is trying to make chrome better and faster for users to have seamless experience. :rocket:

Moreover, chrome has been popular on the developer front as well. In fact there are more and more developers coming up with useful chrome extensions which widens the usability of chrome as a browser. Now if you see there are plethora of extensions to make your life as a developer easier, but which one’s to choose :question:

Here’s the list on some of the best extensions for developers & designers in 2020: :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

  1. Web Developer- Developer Tool Extension

  2. LambdaTest- Cross Browser Testing Extension

  3. Clear Cache- Cache-Clearing Extension

  4. Site Palette – Palette Generator Extension

  5. GoFullPage – Screen Capture Extension

  6. Font Face Ninja – Font Identifier Extension

  7. React – Developer Tools Extension

  8. ColorZilla – Color Picker Extension

  9. Marmoset – Code Generator Extension

  10. Page Ruler – Size Checker Extension

  11. JSONView – JSON Beautifier Extension

  12. Wappalyzer – Site Analyser Extension

  13. Wireframe – Wireframe Overlay Extension

To read the complete list of best extensions with it’s usage refer the blog :point_down:

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