What are the reasons why test automation fails for your web application?

Can anyone please state some of the reasons why test automation fails for your web application.

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Here are the following reasons why test automation fails for your web application:

  • Expecting 100% Automation

  • How much Automation needed?

  • Improper management & lack of visibility for automation

  • Insufficient knowledge of Manual testing and exploratory testing

  • Not selecting proper staff & resources

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Some of the most common reasons for the test automation failure include:

  • When you are not informed of what needs to be automated.

  • When you don’t have access to right tools and techniques.

  • Poorly made test scripts

  • When your team is inexperienced and does not have proper knowledge of the project.

  • When you have no clear requirements and objectives to meet

  • Poor management of the test operations.

However, all these errors could be easily dodged when you are looking for the software testing companies. It is necessary that you should always work with a testing service provider that has rich experience of serving clients with similar requirements.

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