What are the pros and cons of Agile methodology?

Please can anyone tell me about the pros and cons of Agile methodology.

Agile Methodology Agile methodology, a rapid application development procedure, newer than waterfall and implemented using scrum.

Agile Methodology Since it follows an iterative approach, Agile is advantageous in many ways

  • Short development phases make the project adaptable and always ready for any major or minor change required by the customer.
  • The customer can view the live project during every sprint and regular feedback results in a better-quality product.
  • Developers and testers work hand in hand along with the customer. A better teamwork results in the development of an individual as well as business of the organization.

Whenever there are advantages, it is followed by certain disadvantages

  • Agile prefers a working application over documentation. This is a good thing but depending on the complexity of a project, a proper balance between documentation and coding may sometimes be necessary
  • The methodology is designed for small teams. Therefore, each team member must be proficient in their roles and self-dependent.