What are the objectives of software quality assurance?

Can anyone please tell me what are the objectives of software quality assurance.

These are some of the software quality assurance objectives

Software quality assurance is a very wide term that confirms and works on all the factors that help create a software that matches the predefined requirements and is made to meet the end purpose without any compromises on the quality factors like functionality, performance, security, etc. As per my experience and interaction with the quality assurance procedures, I would like to define the software quality assurance objectives as follows:

Ensuring Product Quality: The primary objective of SQA is to ensure that the software product meets the specified quality standards and requirements. SQA aims to identify and resolve defects, bugs, and issues in the software, ensuring that it functions as intended and meets the needs of the end-users.

Compliance with Standards: SQA focuses on ensuring compliance with relevant industry standards, regulations, and best practices. This includes adherence to coding standards, documentation guidelines, security protocols, and any other applicable standards that govern software development.

Process Improvement: SQA aims to improve the software development process by identifying areas for improvement, optimizing workflows, and implementing effective quality control measures. It involves continuously monitoring and evaluating the development process to enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall software quality.

Risk Mitigation: SQA helps in identifying and mitigating risks associated with software development. By conducting risk assessments and implementing risk management strategies, SQA helps minimize the likelihood and impact of potential issues, ensuring a smoother development and deployment process.

Customer Satisfaction: SQA plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction by delivering a high-quality software product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. By verifying functionality, usability, performance, and reliability, SQA aims to enhance the overall user experience and customer satisfaction.

Documentation and Reporting: SQA involves creating comprehensive documentation related to the testing process, test results, and any identified issues or defects. This documentation serves as a reference for stakeholders, aids in knowledge transfer, and helps in making informed decisions regarding software quality.

Continuous Improvement: SQA is an ongoing process that promotes continuous improvement. It involves monitoring and analyzing feedback, gathering metrics, and using that information to drive improvements in the software development process and enhance future software releases.

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