What Are The Most Common Challenges in End-to-End(E2E) Testing?

What are the challenges you may face during end-to-end testing?

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All You Need to Know About End to End Testing

End to end testing is a very common testing methodology where the objective is to test how an application works by checking the flow from start to end. Not only the application flow under dev environment is tested, but the tester also has to check how it behaves once integrated with the external interface. Usually, this testing phase is executed after functional testing and system testing is completed. The technical definition of end to end testing is – a type of testing to ensure that behavioural flow of an application works as expected by performing a complete, thorough testing, from the beginning to end of the product-user interaction in order to realize any dependency or flaw in the workflow of the application.

Why End to End Testing is Required? In the current Agile world, an application is interconnected and integrated with multiple systems that are outside of the application environment. The entire flow of the application thus gets complicated. End to end testing ensures that the application is tested from all layers – front end to backend along with its interfaces and the endpoints. Let’s see why it is needed.

Health of Back-end – End to end testing checks the database as well as backend layer of the application. Since the core functionalities of the application depend on the back end and database layer, testing this layer checks how accurately the application can perform the critical functions.

Errors in Distributed Environment – End to end testing makes it possible to test an application that is based on SOA or cloud environments. Also, in application consisting multiple components that require an all-around check, it helps to pinpoint problems in the core.

App Behavior Validation in Multi-tier System – In applications having a complex architecture or a workflow that is subdivided into multiple tiers, the end to end testing checks the overall functioning as well as functioning in individual layers. It also identifies the behavior of the application in connected systems.

Ensuring Interaction Accuracy – Since front-end testing is also involved, it is ensured that the application behaves accurately a provides a user experience that is consistent across multiple platforms, devices and environments.

Reusability of Test Cases – During different processes of the application’s lifecycle, the end to end testing provides the option to execute test cases that are repeatable. Moreover, it also increases the test coverage and makes the owner confident in the performance of the application.

Now that we have seen why the E2E testing is required, let’s see how it is carried out.

How End to End Testing is Performed? Let’s summarize the key activities that are must to include during the end to end testing.

  • Thoroughly analyze the requirements before starting the testing phase.
  • Setting up the test environment following all the prerequisites.
  • Analyze the software and hardware requirements ( both minimum as well as recommended configuration).
  • Study the main system along with connected subsystems.
  • List down the responsibilities of all systems involved.
  • List down the testing methods along with the description of the standards to be followed.
  • Design the test cases and while doing so also trace the requirement matrix.
  • Save the output results and input data before testing each system.

Key activities being set, let’s dive in deep.

End to end testing process can be divided into 3 categories.

User Functions

As a part of user functions, the following activities should be performed.

  • List down the software system’s features and the subsystems that are interconnected.
  • Keep track of the actions performed for any functionality along with the input data and output results.
  • Between different functionalities performed from the user’s end find out if there is any relation.
  • Check whether the user functions are independent or can be reused. In short – find their nature.

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