What are the key types of mobile app testing?

What are the key types of mobile app testing?

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The first step in creating a mobile application is the product testing phase. This step will allow you to find out what it is exactly that you want to do. You can test your ideas and make changes based on the results.

The second step is a technical analysis of your product, which will help you understand how much time and money it will take to create it.

The third step is the beta-version of your application. It is used by a small audience of users who will give you their opinions about the product and help you make corrections before launching the final version of the mobile application.

And the last step is a full-scale launch of your product in the market. It is important to remember that until now all testing was performed using imaginary users, but now there are real people using your product, so be prepared for any difficulties that may arise from this process.

Key types of Mobile App Testing:

Functional Testing – checks for functionality errors;

Performance Testing – makes sure that applications work as quickly as possible;

Stress Testing – ensures removal of any performance issues under heavy loads;

Security Testing – looks for possible vulnerabilities;

Usability Testing – ensures easy and convenient usage of an app by common people;

Compatibility Testing – checks the compatibility of your apps across different platforms

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