What are the drawbacks with Selenium IDE?

What are the drawbacks with Selenium IDE?

Drawbacks of Selenium IDE -

Not ideal for testing large amounts of data. The database connectivity cannot be tested. The dynamic component of web-based applications cannot be handled. Capture of screenshots on test failures is not supported. There is no feature for generating result reports.

Though Selenium is one of the most used and easy-to-understand test automation tools, working with components often makes testers face certain limitations. Some of the common drawbacks that testers have to witness when working on Selenium IDE include:

Inability to test extensive data

Inability to test connections with database

Inability to handle dynamic part of web applications

Inability to take screenshots for test failures

Inability to generate reports

Therefore, it is crucial that the choice of test automation tools must only be made after a careful understanding of the process requirements and the purpose of the testing project.