What are the different modules for web scraping using Python?

What are the different modules for web scraping using Python?

When it comes to web scraping, Python is an ideal choice. The code that you write with Python is easy to update. Since your website changes constantly, updating your code on a regular basis should be easy for you. There are certain modules of the language that are suitable for web scraping. Depending on your current project, different modules will come in handy.

Requests Library for Web Scraping

The Python programming library, requests, allows you to make several types of HTTP requests like getting GET, POST, PUT, etc. Because of its simplicity and efficiency of use, it has a motto of “HTTP for Humans.”

Beautiful Soup Library for Web Scraping

BeautifulSoup is an open source library for Python which offers a variety of methods to access and parse web content. It works by creating a parse tree for parsing HTML and XML documents. BeautifulSoup automatically transforms incoming documents to Unicode and outgoing documents to UTF-8. It is simple, well-structured and easy to learn for both beginners and experts.

Scrapy Framework for Web Scraping

Scrapy is a python library developed by Pablo Hoffman and Shane Evans for the extraction of data from dynamic linked websites. It includes both spider bots and general-purpose extractors, as well as tools for creating pipelines to process data collected by spiders.

To import these modules for web scraping using Selenium and Python please go through the following blog: https://www.lambdatest.com/blog/web-scraping-using-selenium-and-python/