What are the different Cypress UI commands?

What are the different Cypress UI commands?

Hi Richard,

Cypress provides a number of commands that let you interact or trigger some events in the DOM. Cypress can fire mouse and touch events, and you can use them in your test scripts.

Here are some of the Cypress events and commands that help you interact with the app UI:

  • Cypress Trigger Command
  • Mouse Down Events using Cypress
  • Mouse Over Events using Cypress
  • Mouse Leave Events using Cypress
  • Mouse Move Events using Cypress
  • Cypress Click Command
  • Cypress Double Click Command
  • Cypress Right Click Command
  • Cypress Check/Uncheck Commands

To deep dive into each of these commands, please go through the following blog on Handling Touch And Mouse Events In Cypress [Tutorial]:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Shahzeb, will surely look into it.