What are the components of Selenium?

What are the components of Selenium? Please help with answer.

Selenium is composed of the following components:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid


To deep dive into each of these, please go through the following blog:


There are mainly four major components of Selenium. These include:

  1. Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE is made to provide the GUI that assists testers with an easy recording of website interactions. Besides, it allows creating test cases and test suites that can be edited as per changing requirements.

  2. Selenium RC: Selenium RC is the test framework that allows testers to write test cases in the required programming language for easy automation of tests on web application against any HTTP website.

  3. Selenium WebDriver: A web framework that allows you to execute cross-browser testing while checking the web apps for desired output. It even allows you to choose programming languages that can help create test scripts.

  4. Selenium Grid: A smart proxy server that allows tests to run in parallel for multiple machines. It allows routing commands to remote web browsers when the server acts as the hub. The hub routes test commands that are in JSON format to multiple grid nodes.

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