What are the challenges in Agile testing?

What are the major challenges faced by the tester in Agile testing?

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Here are some of the challenges in Agile Testing faced by every tester.

1. Not Keeping Up With Changing Requirements

Most teams waste a lot of time trying to come up with an ideal Agile testing plan. Sometimes, you have to make changes on an ad hoc basis. Or you might have to remove some processes. All in all, you have to be flexible and adapt to changes in the sprint, of course, keeping in mind that it all aligns with the sprint goal and you’d be ahead of all the challenges in Agile Testing.

2. Not Planning Cross Browser Testing

It’s important to note that cross-browser testing provides consistent behavior across various browsers, devices, and platforms. This increases your chances of having a wide customer base. You can even choose to utilize a Selenium Grid to scale your cross-browser testing efforts.

3. Failing To Incorporate Automation

If the company isn’t performing test automation the overall test coverage might be low . But as firms implement test automation, there is a sharp decline in the amount of time testers need for running different tests. Thus, it leads to accelerated outcomes and lowered business expenses. You can even implement automated browser testing to automate your browser testing efforts.

4. Lack of a Strategic Agile Testing Plan

After setting a goal, don’t forget to define the metrics necessary to reach your goal.you can divide your plan into different phases. It’s a wise move to arrange meetings from time to time to review the progress and clear doubts. The plan should be rigid enough to provide a direction to the team on how to work and instill confidence in team members. At the same time, it has to be flexible enough to incorporate changes and work on the feedback.

5. Considering Agile a Process Instead of a Framework

It’s a framework that defines the entire development process. It also helps various teams in matching their requirements with preset guidelines. Agile is about fine-tuning the process and making the required adjustments by using empirical data from shorter cycles of development and release. The team members should put their heads together in every sprint to improve with the aim of making each sprint more effective.

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