What are the best ways to speed up website testing?

I want to know what are the best ways to speed up website testing. Can anyone please tell me that.


If the website speed test’s report shows your website is working at a slow pace, there are different ways to optimize the website’s speed.

  • Keeping appealing aesthetics on your website will not work. It is more vital to have a quick website than a lot of information.

  • Optimize your website’s images and ensure they have the correct format and size. Use SVGs images. Large size images can affect the page speed.

  • The code must be concise. Remove extra indentations, line breaks, or spaces.

  • Reduce the number of redirections to decrease the loading time.

  • Use CDN (Content-Delivery Network) to boost your website’s speed.

After optimizing the website, you can use LT Browser to view the performance report of your websites on different screen sizes.