What are the best Selenium Perl frameworks for Unit testing?

I want to know what are the best selenium Perl frameworks for Unit testing. Can anyone please tell me that.

Perl is a reliable and platform-independent programming language. However, it is not widely used. It has many advantages over other programming languages such as C, AWK, BASIC, SED, etc. Since it is difficult to learn and implement, the unit testing framework for Perl-based applications is limited.


PerlUnit, a xUnit testing framework, is the only specific unit testing framework available for Perl-based applications. It was originally intended for testing Perl-based software, but it is now available as a SourceForge project. It’s built on the JUnit 3.2 model and can generate a “Green Bar.” It is an open-source Unit Test Framework that can be integrated with JUnit.


  • Extensive knowledge of xUnit frameworks & Perl language.

  • Know how to install perlmodiInstall.


  • Compatible with older versions of Perl.

  • Two mailing lists are included: perlunit-devel for low-volume discussion and perlunit-users.


PerlUnit has no disadvantages unless you choose to use it to test other web applications since it only supports Perl-based applications and xUnit frameworks.

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